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Hydraulic crawler crane , QUY50C

△Main components of power system and hydraulic system are imported from USA, Germany, etc. Ensure its capability and stability more reliable and safe than the same products
△Unique function of free fall, saves fuel consumption and boosts work efficiency;
△Swing float function, making operation more steadily and safety;
△Telescopic track frame, it is convenient for the main machine to transport
△The easily damaged and consumable structural parts are self-made, .and special structure design, makes maintenance more convenient.

QUY35 Hydraulic crawler crane data
Max rated lifting weight t 50
Boom length m 13-52
Max boom+Fixed jib length m 43+15.25
Boom luffing angle º 30-80
Max single line up speed for hoist m/min 80;40
Max single line down speed for hoist m/min 90;45
Max single line up speed for boom m/min 52
Max single line down speed for boom m/min 52
Max travel speed r/min *1.3
Gradeability % 40
Rated Torque t•m 122.5
Diesel Engine  6BTA5.9-C17
Engine power kW/r/min 124/2000
Max swing speed  r/min 0-3.2
Balance weight t 17.5
The main lifting rate   9
Overall weight (main lifting hook,basic boom) t 50
Mean ground pressure MPa 0.069
Rated Torque t·m 185
Max single unit dimensions for transportation(L×W×H) mm 6345X3300X3080
*the speed related to the load changing


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