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Antimony products
Antimony Ingot
Antimony Trioxide
Mg Refractory products
Super Purity Magnesia
Dead Burnt Magnesite
Electric Fused Magnesia
Caustic Calcined Magnesia
Refractory Mix
Rare earth products
Rare earth Nd
Rare earth Ce
Rare earth La
Rare earth Pr
Terbium Metal
Lutetium Metal
Dysprosium Metal
Erbium Metal
Thulium Metal
Ytterbium Metal
Europium Metal
Scandium Metal
Yttrium Metal
Misch Metal
Pr-Nd metal
Dy-Fe Alloy
other rare earth products
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Sodium Azide
Lead Nitrate
Mobile Machine
Mini Truck
Crawler Crane QUY-50C
Crawler Crane QUY-80A
Electric mechanical shovel

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│About Us

ATLASVIM INDUSTRIAL CO LTD is a Chinese industrial group, specialized in minerals & metals processing, antimony products, magnesite products and rare earth products are our main aspects, we also produce some related chemicals and machines. We own a professional and efficient team, they are striving for developing more products with high quality, new method, and better service. Our products have passed ISO 9001 and ISO14001 system and all China quality requirements. Most of our products exported to world wide, they sold well in EU, U.S.A markets and all the other markets. We will supply more high quality and ‘green’ environmental protection products and also supply excellent service. Welcome to choose our products and look forward to entering into good business relationship and establishing long term cooperation with your side. We believe our new technology will take you better life, and we are not only producing better products but also producing new future for the world. Thank you!
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